Undo feature for Step 1 of the Map Editor

Dear StepMap User,

Many of you have asked for it – we listended and developed the new “undo” feature for Step 1 of the Map Editor. From now on you can undo everything that you did in Step 1, from an accidental zoom to a wrong color to other details. As you know Step 1 refers to all the main changes in regard to the Map area (level of detail, colors, zoom level, format, highlighting certain regions etc.) and thus is an essential part of creating and customizing your Map. The new “undo” feature can be found at the very top of the right navigation bar in Step 1. When you haven’t made any changes to the Map the button will appear in a grey color. Once you have made one or more changes it will switch to green. You can click on it to open a drop down menu with all the steps that can be made undone. (Note: We know that the “undo” feature is usefull for Step 2 as well so we are working on that right now).

The “undo” button in Step 1 of the Map Editor (click to enlarge)


The “undo” button in Step 1 of the Map Editor after you have made changes to the Map (click to enlarge)


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