StepMap – the new English version

Dear StepMap User,

roughly 6 weeks ago we launched the new English version of StepMap. Since then we have seen a massive increase in signups and new Maps. We are quite excited to see that the number and type of Maps have gone up by quite a lot. Here are a few examples of Maps by our users – maybe they inspire you to create Maps for similar use cases.

Also, here is an example of an interactive Map (just click on the locations within the Map):

Screenshots (static images) of some Maps:

stepmap-karte-corruption-index-for-europe-2012-1230100 stepmap-karte-travel-route-mediterranean-deluxe-tour-1230103 stepmap-karte-statistical-sample-map-1230074stepmap-karte-blank-map-of-europe-name-the-countries-1230096

Of course, everyone has unique ideas and requirements when it comes to a Map. That’s why we focused on those features that let you customize your Map as fast and easy as possible, e.g. by adding your own colours, texts, icons and other content displayed on the Map. Also, for each of the 4 steps within the Map editor we have added a help video that explains the most important features. You will find the videos within the editor, just to the right of the navigation. So if you are stuck or have a question we highly recommend that you check out the step-by-step tutorial videos. There’s also a general tutorial video which guides you through all 4 steps based on a sample Map:

However, if you still have questions or need help please feel free to contact us directly at Yes, it’s a general Email address but rest assured it will be read the same day – and we reply to all Emails.

We hope you enjoy creating Maps with StepMap!


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