One becomes two: Step 1 split up

Dear StepMap User,

We have decided to split up Step 1 into two Steps. When we launched StepMap almost 5 years ago Step 1 didn’t have that many features (you couldn’t even zoom in or out). Over time more options have been added so that now there was simply too much to be crammed into the Step 1 right navigation panel. So from now on Step 1 is split up into 1 and 2. It doesn’t make creating Maps more complicated or more time consuming, it makes it simpler.

The new Step 1 now looks like this:


So in Step 1 you can: Zoom in and out, change the Map display (flat, topography 1 & 2), change the color of land and water, crop a country, colorize countries and add national parks. You can also upload your very onw Map image.

The new Step 2 looks like this:


So in Step 2 you can: Add an Overview-Map (with different sizes and zoom levels), add a scale (kilometers or miles), modify additional display options (e.g. borders, lakes, rivers etc.) and add lattitudes and longitudes.

The rest of the Steps remain the same. So in the new Step 3 you will add locations, lines and markers. In Step 4 you can make the Map interactive (adding information to locations) and in Step 5 you simply save the Map.

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