How to create a Map Key or Map Legend

Dear StepMap User,

Quite often we are asked if and how one can create a Map Key (Map Legend) when using our Map Editor. It’s actually quite easy once you know how it’s done. So here we go.

In Step 3 (where you can add locations, titles, lines and symbols) you start by adding things to the Map, e.g. a city or a symbol or some text. So you would start with a simple Map like this (see below) where you add three locations with three different colour markers (icons).


Then you simply add three more markers (icons) to the Map and move them to one side of the Map (see below). Those you simply name e.g. Capital, Major City, Small Town. Of course, you can replace the cities with anything you want to display on the Map and of course you can use anything you like for the actual Map Key. The basic idea is that you use the same symbols and colours for the same group of elements.



Alternatively, you can use the same symbol for all elements on the Map (see below) but use different colours for the actual text.


It’s a little bit more tricky now. You click anywhere in the Map and write a single letter (e.g. “L” in the screenshot below). For that letter you choose “Text only” and the use the same font colour as the background colour. Then you click next to the green square marker and write (e.g. “Major City”). Remember to choose a black font and transparent background then (or anything that makes sense other than same colour for font and background).


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