Free Scale and Size for the Overview Map

Starting today you can modify the “Overview Map” in terms of size and zoom level. As you know, you can add a “Map within the Map (Overview Map)” within Step 1 of the editor. Previously, you could enable or disable the Overview Map but not make any changes in regard to size and zoom level. Below you find a Map with and without an Overview Map (standard design).

Main Map without the Overview Map:


Main Map with the Overview Map


You will note that the Overview Map gives you orientation in regard to the area of the Main Map. If you look at the very first Map you might wonder what coastline you’re looking at (not everyone is well traveled and realizes right away that it’s the Atlantic Coast of Brasil). The “Overview Map” (second screenshot) helps the viewer in that regard.

Now, within the navigation of Step 1 (right hand side) you will find the new option and settings as follows:


As you can see you can change the Size and the Zoom Level (currently “medium” and “6“).

Now, when those settings are changed you will note that the “Overview Map” will also change. The follwing shows an “Overview Map” size “large” and zoom level “9“.


So, depending on the topic an content of the Main Map you might want an Overview Map (or not) and if so, you might want to adjust the size and zoom level. It really depends on your personal taste and information you want to display. Remember, the Overview Map can be moved around in Step 2 of the editor.

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