Monthly Archives: July 2014

Scalable Symbols and Icons

Dear StepMap User,

As from today you can add scalable symbols and icons to your Maps. That means you can change their size and colour and you can rotate them. The new feature can be found in Step 3 under the “Add Scalable Symbols and Icons” button. The old symbols and icons are fixed (meaning you can’t change their size or colour). The new icons and new option allows you to modify them.


The new scalable symbols and icons menu looks like this:


Once you click the button a new menu opens which loks like this:


From there you simply choose the desired category and icon – clicking on it will make it appear in the middle of the Map from where you can move it around, change the size and colour and also lets you rotate it. The following video demonstrates how it’s done. (Note: Click the “full screen” option for a bigger video).