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Upload your own Map (or any image)

We often get the question “Can I upload my own Map?“. Quite often by students or teachers but also by others who already have a Map and simply want to add some information to it (or make it interactive). Think of historical Maps… or fictional Maps… or any Map that isn’t based on today’s geographical standards. Also, you can basically upload any image meaning it doesn’t have to be a Map but can be any image on your computer. It’s probably easiest if you just try it to test it.

The new feature is available in Step 1 in the right navigationl panel all the way to the bottom. It looks like this:


After clicking on the link you will  see the following screen where you can choose from 2 upload options (image from hard drive or link from website):


Here’s a sample Map, in this case a historical Map of Constantinople (today’s Istanbul). You can also click on the infobox within the Map to see additional information. Link to sample Map:


New Option: Over 4200 National Parks for your Maps

Dear StepMap User,

It has been a lot (a LOT!) of work but we finally made it. Starting today, you can add National Parks to your Maps. You will find the new feature in Step 1 of the Map Editor (just underneath “Colorize individual countries”). The new feature is called “Colorize National Parks” and works quite similar to coloring in countries. All you have to do is zoom in on a Map area and then pick any National Park from the drop down menu. Then, click the check box for “Coloring” (and choose a color) to display the Park on the Map. Rinse and repeat for as many Parks as you like or add them all by using the “All Parks in Map Region” option.

Let’s start with the typical Map. In Step 1 you zoom in on a certain area – in this case South Africa (click to enlarge).


See the new menu (marked red) above? That’s where you pick the Parks from.

The following screenshot shows the same Map Region – but now with the Kruger National Park. Of course, you can add any Park and choose any color for it.


Another option is the “Add all Parks in Map Region“. Please note that due to the massive number of Parks (over 4200) we had to limit the “Add All” option to a certain zoom level. So on a World Map scale you can’t select the “Add all Parks in Map Region” because it would simply crash the system (plus it would look odd and rather pointless). See below the option “Add All” for South Africa.


We hope you enjoy the new feature. It will add more depth and detail to your Maps.