Monthly Archives: July 2013

Crop (cut out) or highlight a country

You have asked for it – now it’s done. If you want to crop (or highlight) a certain country and remove everything else around it, there is now a simple way to do so. In Step 1 of the Editor simply click on “Crop Country” (in the middle of the right navigationl panel) after you have selected a country from the drop down menu above.


You will see the country with its regional borders (in the screenshot above Germany with “Bundesländer” (states)). Of course, you can further edit the Map, e.g. change the color of the highlighted country or add additional elements. If you want to you can add another country with the same features (highlighted), see below.


You can go even further and select sub-regions, e.g. “Bretagne” for France as in the following screenshot. So Step 1 allows you to crop, highlight or colorize regions, countries and sub-regions.